Helping Families Save And Let Go During Water Damage Clean Up

Most of the manual labor that will go into clean up after water damage will be removing the flooring, preventing mildew, and disinfecting the home. The hardest part of clean up won't be the manual labor. The difficult part of cleaning up a home that has suffered water damage is the homeowner not being able to save or have access to their memories. If you are in charge of cleaning up a home after water damage has destroyed the property, here are some ways that you can help families save or let go of their belongings. Read More 

3 Ways To Prepare For Flooding

When it comes to getting the most out of your home, you will need to protect it from the elements. If you live in flood prone geographical areas, such as Florida, Louisiana, and California, you will need to fortify your home, so that you are well protected from the most damaging effects of floods. With this in mind, use the tips below so that you are able to keep your home as safe as possible. Read More 

Proper Set Up For CD Welding A Stud

Welding plays a critical role in the longevity and reliability of many construction projects. In order to help reduce the total time required to see a project through to completion, many construction companies rely on capacitor discharge (or CD) welding. This welding technique can prove invaluable when it comes to welding studs firmly in place, but only when the weld is completed properly. Setting up for a CD weld is important if you want your studs to remain firmly in place. Read More 

Fix Up Ideas For The Old Country Cottage You’ve Inherited

If you have just inherited an old country cottage, then you might have lots of ideas about how to decorate it. Perhaps you've been looking at all sorts of online design magazines, getting ideas about country decor. However, before you spend lots of time painting the walls, and decorating it with antiques, or new furniture, it's important to make sure the house itself is in good condition. Otherwise, you will have a well decorated shell of a home that might fall apart around you one night while you and your family are asleep. Read More 

Tips For Planting A Lawn For New Construction

Whether you are simply purchasing a newly constructed home or having your own custom home built, you may find yourself with barren ground instead of a lawn or garden. Unfortunately, you can't just spread some seeds and expect to end up with a lush, green landscape. The following tips will help you create a healthy yard from scratch. Tip #1: Till deeply Before you begin to improve the soil or plant anything, run your motorized cultivator across the lawn. Read More