The Most Common Types Of Commercial Steel Building Damage

There are many different types of wall damage a commercial steel building can suffer. Just a few of the most common issues include the following:

  • rusting panels
  • pushed-out or dented perimeter wall panels
  • damage from delivery trucks

While none of these things will lead to the demise of the building, they do take away from its aesthetic and will shorten its overall life. For this reason, having a professional contractor repair the damage should always be a priority. 

To better understand each of these problems, here's more information on each one:

Rusting Panels

One of the most common service calls for steel building damage repair is problems with wall panel rust. Sometimes the building owner has already tried to fix the damage by brushing off the surface rust and then repainting the panels. While this sounds like a great plan, it typically only results in cracked paint a couple of years down the road and the building looking dilapidated. 

The better choice for repairing rust damage is to have the affected panels professionally repaired. Often, the damaged sections can be removed and new metal patched into place to save you some money over a complete panel replacement.

Additionally, if all of the perimeter walls are rusting along the ground, then a uniform section can be removed from the bottom of each panel all the way around the building. The removed sections can be repaired by a matching color of metal, or you can give your building a face-lift by patching the damage with metal of a complementary color.

Pushed-Out or Dented Perimeter Wall Panels

When your business is housed in a steel building it's important to have some rules about where products and materials are stored.

If your business were housed in a cement block building, then storing things leaning up on the walls isn't going to be a problem. However, if materials or stored products are leaning up against the walls of a steel building, then the steel will bend and the base perimeter metal will be pushed out of place.

Since the building requires a stable and square perimeter to maintain structural integrity, it's vital to have a policy to never store materials directly next to the metal walls or close enough that they can fall over and strike the metal panels.

Damage from Delivery Trucks

If your business manufactures or stores products onsite, then delivery trucks are a daily presence. Additionally, delivery trucks are large, hard to see obstructions from, and they can cause some serious damage to a steel building even in very low-speed collisions. 

When a delivery truck hits your steel building's wall, overhead door, or the bollard around the roll-up door, then the damage will need to be professionally repaired as soon as possible to maintain the structural integrity of the building.