Is Your Home Exterior Prepared For A Roof Replacement?

When it is time to have your roof replaced, you'll also want to make sure that your yard is cleared out. Roofers will need to walk through your yard while they're replacing your roof. Also, during the roof replacement, property found in your yard might become damaged if you don't clear it out.

Protect Your Possessions

Clear out anything that is within 20 feet of your home. Always clear vehicles away from your driveway or garage. In addition to not having your vehicle damaged, you won't have to worry about it becoming trapped by the shingle supplier's truck. Also, if the vehicle is in your garage, roofing debris and nails might drop through the roof into the garage and damage your car. 

Any decorations that you place in the garden that you can remove should be stored somewhere else, including solar-powered lights, birdhouses, and wind chimes. Oftentimes, decorations that you place in the yard might be difficult to notice if you see them every day, but a falling shingle can damage these delicate items.

Remove any toys or patio furniture. Not only can these items become damaged through the roof replacement process, but those working in your yard might even trip over them. Anything that can be removed should be. Also, make sure to cut your grass short. If any nails fall after the roof replacement, you'll be able to see them more easily and can retrieve them so that no one steps on them accidentally. 

Leave the Area Clear for Tarps

Roof replacement specialists will usually lay down tarps to make sure that any roofing materials that fall from the roof land on the tarp. They will also typically use magnets or metal detectors to make sure that there are no metal parts that might poke through the tarp accidentally. 

Don't Block the Roof Replacement Specialists

Make sure that the roofing specialists are able to access the entire exterior of your home. For example, you might leave a gate locked and they may need to delay work until you can unlock it for them. If there any features that the roof replacement professionals might trip over, make sure to mark them.

Common concerns are ponds and sprinklers that might not be noticed when roofers are carrying equipment. However, once you have properly prepared the exterior of your home, the roof replacement services will be ready to install your new, beautiful roof. For more information, contact a company like Par One Construction, Inc. today.