When To Hire An Excavation Company To Help You

There are times when digging a hole requires more than just a shovel and a strong back. Large areas that need the earth removed and altered in some way often require large machinery and an operator that knows how to properly run the machine.

Foundation Work

If you have to remove the soil around the foundation of a building to repair the concrete or seal the foundation, an excavator and a skilled operator are a huge asset. Removing the soil around the foundation is a lot of work and doing it by hand could add a lot of time onto the job. Hiring an excavation company to come in and remove that soil is a good option.

A skilled operator can remove the soil right to the foundation walls without damaging the walls. If you have an operator with some skill, but who has never worked close to a foundation, hitting it with the bucket can crack the wall and create more damage to deal with. Hiring an excavation service that can provide the proper size machine for the work that needs to be completed (and the operator to run it) can save you money in the end.

Underground Tanks and Pipe Removal

Working on a project that requires digging up a pipe or underground tank may be a good time to consider hiring an excavation company to help you out. If you are unearthing a tank that still has fuel or oil in it, it is critical that the tank does not sustain damage as the soil around it is removed. Even a small puncture could be catastrophic, causing contamination of soil and groundwater nearby.

For work near tanks and pipelines, hire a company that is familiar with the process and has experience with these types of jobs. The operator needs to know what they are doing and how to best use the machine to complete the work without issues.

Ditches and Pits 

If you are digging out ditches or creating a pit of some kind, hiring an operator and excavator to dig out the ditch or pit for you is a good option. These structures may have specific depth or pitch requirements that are critical to the performance of the structure. The operator needs to be able to use the machine efficiently and many experienced operators will be able to dig a ditch that has the right width, depth, and pitch without having to measure it at all.