Curb Appeal: How Your Sidewalk Can Increase Your Home’s Value

If you are a homeowner, then odds are good that you worry often about how you can maintain or even increase the value of your home. Your home is likely your largest investment, and it pays to constantly be on the lookout for projects that maximize the value of that investment. It is easy to focus on major interior remodeling or renovation projects, but improving the exterior appearance of your home and its grounds is a great way to increase its value as well.

What is Curb Appeal?

Put simply, curb appeal is how attractive your home appears to potential buyers at a glance. This means more than just how your home looks from the curb, however. Modern buyers use a variety of tools to search for homes, so your home must be photogenic from just about every angle both inside and out.

If you are planning on selling your home in the near future, or if you just want to invest in a project that can help your home look better while also increasing its value, then you can't go wrong by taking a good look at your sidewalks. Your sidewalk is the red carpet that leads friends and family into your home, so it's only fitting that it be as well maintained and beautiful as possible.

Maintenance is Key

It can be tempting to consider installing whole new sidewalks, but just maintaining and repairing your existing walkways can go a long way towards improving the appearance of your home. Examine your existing sidewalks for signs of damage, including cracks, large chips, or even missing chunks. Not only are these problems ugly, but they also represent potential safety hazards for visitors. Depending on laws in your location, you may even be liability for injuries suffered by pedestrians on sidewalks that are poorly maintained.

Small repairs are relatively easy do-it-yourself projects, but consider hiring a professional contractor if your sidewalk needs major repairs. If entire stones or whole sections of the walkway need to be replaced, a professional can help you with the process of making sure that the repairs are done properly and safely.

Update Tired Walkways

If your existing walkways are very damaged or if you are simply looking for a change, then an updated sidewalk may be a good option. Completely replacing a severely degraded sidewalk is sometimes a smart move if you are planning on selling your house in the near future as well. The upfront cost of replacement will be relatively low compared to the increase you will see in your home's curb appeal. This is also a good chance to do some landscaping to help accentuate your new style of walkway.

When replacing an entire sidewalk, consult with a local sidewalk contractor to get a good understanding of your options. Some homeowners opt to replace old sidewalks with gravel or stone walkways, which can help to provide a more down home, rural feel to a home. A wide variety of pavers and flagstones are usually available as well, along with the classic appeal of brick. Choosing a style that meshes well with your home's exterior and landscaping can help to create a complete package appearance that will do wonders for your home's value.