3 Tips For Designing A Beautiful Outdoor Spa

If you want to change the way that your pool area looks, a great way to do that is by adding a spa to your outdoor pool area. A spa is a great complement to a pool. It gives you someplace nice and warm to relax when you are done swimming or when you want to enjoy the water in a more relaxing manner.

Keep It Close to Your Pool

When designing a spa to accompany your pool area, you want to keep it close to your pool. You don't want to have to go a great distance to get from your pool to your spa. You want to be able to easily hop into your spa from your pool and vice versa.

Keeping your spa close to your pool has other benefits as well. When your spa is right next to your pool, you can use the same water source and can filter water in between your pool and your spa. You can also use the same chemicals in both sources of water.

Incorporate Backyard Design Elements

Next, make sure that you incorporate design elements from your backyard into your spa design. You want the design of your spa to work with the overall look of your pool area. For example, if you have stone around your pool, build up the sides of your spa with stone. Or if you have blue tile in your pool, consider adding blue tile to your spa as well.

Pick a few elements from your pool and yard and add those elements into your spa design. That will help make your spa flow with your pool.

Add Some Lights

Finally, make sure to have some fun with your spa. Add some lights to your spa. The best type of lights to use in your spa are LED lights. LED lights are extremely long lasting, so it is doubtful that you will have to change the lightbulbs anytime soon.

With LED lights, you can enjoy any color bulbs that you want. You can change the color whenever you want. You can enjoy blue lights one night, or green lights the next light. With LED lights, you can really customize the color and experience of your spa to fit your mood for that evening.

If you want to change the way your pool looks, add a spa next to it. Keep the spa close to your pool, incorporate design elements from your yard into your spa design, and add some colorful LED lights to the display. For more information and options, contact a professional spa service, like Anchor Pools & Spas.