Renovating Your Kitchen Floor: Why This Involves Other Contractors

Many stoves have electrical outlets that were built into the kitchen floor rather than the wall. If this applies to you, and you are planning on renovating your kitchen flooring, you may need an electrical contractor. Here is why.

Ripping up the Old Flooring

As you go along and rip up the old flooring, you may discover that the stove outlet is secured underneath the old flooring, or that the old flooring has been cut out and around the stove outlet. Either way, you are going to have to remove the outlet until the old flooring is out and the new flooring is installed. This means that you first have to turn off the power to your entire kitchen via the fuse box, and then completely disconnect the outlet box from the floor and the wiring underneath.

If you know nothing about electricity, you will need an electrical contractor to manage this job. If you do not want to pay the contractor for two trips out to your home for this one outlet, get your flooring contractor to quickly do that part of the kitchen floor so that the electrical contractor can reinstall the stove outlet. If your stove is also a gas stove, you will need a third contractor, an HVAC contractor, to disconnect the gas/propane from the stove before you can even move the stove and continue with the project.

Renovating the Other Parts of the Kitchen

When you also plan to replace and update your stove along with renovating your kitchen flooring (why not, since you have to disconnect your old stove anyway?), then you will need those same contractors again. The electrical contractor and the HVAC contractor (if you have a gas stove) will disconnect and remove the old stove for you. Then your flooring contractor will complete the flooring job.

Finally, the electrical and HVAC contractors will return to install and reconnect your new stove. If you are converting from a gas stove to a purely electrical one, then the HVAC contractor has to remove all of the natural gas/propane plumbing for such a stove, and/or turn off/plug up these pipes for your safety. The electrical contractor reconnects the stove outlet to the wiring through the floor. After that, you can throw the switch to turn your power back on and make sure all of the appliances, including your stove are finally and fully functional again. For more information, contact companies like J & M Appliance.