Does Your Waterproofing Have Issues?

A wet basement is always a homeowner's nightmare. Whether you are dealing with a flooded finished basement or a leaking and damp unfinished basement, unwanted water will not give you peace of mind. Here are some of the top 5 basement waterproofing problems.

Foundation Wall Leaks

Wall cracks are the most common water seepage sources in foundations. They happen for various reasons, but they are quite easy to fix with the help of a basement waterproofing specialist. Consider that insulation types can play a role in the retention of water; talk to your specialist about foam insulation and other types of water-resistant filler material.

Floor Seepage

This is not as common, but it does occur in some homes, so it could be the problem you are dealing with. Seepage from the floor typically happens when there is a heavy downpour. The water builds beneath the basement floor and seeps in through any cracks on the floor or the cove joint. The issue can easily be solved with an interior drain tile system. You should know that water on the floor does not always mean it is seeping from the floor; it could be from the walls. Make sure you know exactly where it is coming from before you spend any money.

Sump Pump Problems

Sump pump failure is fairly common as well, and if this is the case, you should call a professional basement waterproofing company to come and inspect it for you. They will customize the system to your needs.

Gardening Problems

If your gardening is not sloped away from the house, basement water seepage problems increase significantly. If your home is located on flat ground, ensure that the garden is not extended over the top of the house foundation. Otherwise, water is bound to seep through the mortar opening. If you cannot solve the gardening problem, call in a basement waterproofing company to install an exterior waterproof membrane.

Overflowing Window Wells

Window wells are usually a perfect solution to letting light into the basement. However, when they fill with water, they become a problem. An overflowing window well can cause a lot of damage. Check to see that the drains are not clogged, or, better than that, get a customized window well cover. In addition to that, try running water inside your well to ensure that it drains as it should. Of course, you should consider the fact that rain water can overwhelm the drain and leak anyway.

If none of the above problems sounds like what you are dealing with, contact your local basement waterproofing company. They will come and evaluate the situation, find the problems and advise you on the best solution possible. For more information, visit websites like