Six Harmful Things A Leak Could Do To Your Home’s Interior

Getting a leak in your roof fixed immediately is important because the moisture it allows to seep in to your home can cause extensive damage. The costs of simply calling up an experienced roofing contractor and having the leak taken care of immediately will be much less than the costs of making repairs to your home after damage occurs. 

The following are six harmful things a leak could do to your home interior if you don't have it repaired:

Create a fire hazard

A roof leak can create a fire hazard if it allows moisture to reach the electrical wiring underneath. If a roof leak begins allowing a significant amount of moisture in, it's even a good idea to shut off the electricity to that area of the home completely with the circuit breaker to avoid electrical and fire hazards. 

Detract from the efficiency of your HVAC system

Moisture seepage through your roof can soak into your insulation and cause it to function less efficiently. This in turn can make it so that your HVAC system has to work extra hard and consumes more electricity in order to adequately heat or cool your home. 

Air leaks also detract from HVAC efficiency because they allow conditioned air to seep out of your home and waste some of the effort your HVAC system has already put into heating or cooling. 

Weaken the structure of your home

Moisture tends to weakened materials and can therefore cause building components such as joists, rafters, and wall frames to lose strength.

Eventually, moisture can cause these components to deteriorate and can compromise a building's structural integrity over the long term. Of course, this can necessitate expensive repairs and create a severe safety hazard if it is not addressed. 

Cause stains on your walls and ceilings

A roof leak can cause severe aesthetic issues over time. It will cause moisture stains on walls and ceilings. It will also cause paint to chip and wall paper to start peeling off of walls. 

Attract pests

Moisture can attract a wide variety of pests like insects and rodents. Some insect pests like termites an cause even further aesthetic and structural damage if they are not exterminated right away. 

Lead to mold and mildew growth

One of the biggest moisture damage issues is mold and mildew growth. Mold and mildew tend to grow in moist, damp environments.

Mold and mildew don't only cause structural and aesthetic problems, but they also can create health hazards. In particular, black mold spores are known to cause respiratory issues if it takes root in a home and is breathed in by a home's residents. Contact a contractor, like A & A Roofing Company Inc, for more help.