3 Things A Land Surveyor Can Tell You About Your Property That You May Not Know

If you are like the average property owner, you already know that having your land surveyed before you decide to sell it or make changes is important. However, most property owners have no idea just how much insight can be reaped from a visit by a professional land surveyor. In fact, there are a lot of things the surveyor can tell you about your property that you may not know about– especially if you were not around when the previous survey was performed, or if it has been may years since the survey. Check out these interesting things a surveyor can tell you about your property that you may not already know and why these bits of information could be important:

A surveyor can tell you if there are unmarked graves or a graveyard on your property. 

Years ago, it was not at all uncommon for property owners to be buried where they spent their life; on their own property. Likewise, small family graveyards were more the norm than the large commercial-style cemeteries today. Therefore, there are many unmarked or lost graveyards and burial grounds across the country. Even if there are no physical markers or obvious signs on your property, these graves can usually be tracked down by a land surveyor. It is always helpful to know if there are graves on your property just in case a long lost family member comes looking for their dearly departed relative. However, this is also something you definitely want to know before you do any excavation as well. 

A surveyor can give you an idea of the layout of the underground waterways. 

In most areas, underground water is present, but most homeowners have no idea where this water is and if it is enough water to tap into for well installation, or if the water is so substantial that it could cause problems. A professional land surveyor can use their tools to get a detailed reading of what the water table looks like under the surface of your property. 

A surveyor can give you a brief history of property lines and borders. 

Every time a piece of property undergoes changes or changes ownership, it is required by law in most places that the changes be registered with the local courthouse. Your land surveyor can actually help you obtain these documents, which can give you a great look at the history of the property. Likewise, the surveyor can find markers on your property that prove the existence of past property lines as well.

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