Incorporate Aspects Of Feng Shui Architecture In Your Home

The way that your home is designed is very important. Most people have been in a home or a building that just felt confusing and wrong. Living in a home that makes you feel claustrophobic or confused is very bad for your health. In Chinese culture they use feng shui architectural design. This is an architecture that focuses on allowing the layout of a home and furniture to flow. This style allows for the balance of emotions and feelings through a layout that is comfortable. Here are a few different aspects of feng shui architecture that can be incorporated in almost any type of home.


One of the most important factors in feng shui architecture is the geometry of rooms, and how they connect. The most important shape in this type of architecture is a square. A square shaped room allows for a a good utilitarian relationship between interior space and allows for a highly energy efficient house. A square room also allows for building materials to be easily shaped. A square room also gives good space and geometries to fit furniture. If a square is not built, then the next best geometry is a rectangle for the same reasons. 


Utilizing feng shui architecture, the entryway should be very clear and square. The entry is the first part of the home that a visitor will encounter when coming to your home, and thus it should foster a positive attitude and energy. The most important part of the entryway is that it is clearly visible. other than the architecture, the entryway should be completely free of any obstruction at all. There should nothing to distract your attention or make you feel cluttered. Once again the entire purpose of this style of architecture is to bring positive energy, and allow the home's elements to flow perfectly.


A big part of feng shui is that nature should be incorporated whenever possible. A huge portion of nature is always the sun. A home that incorporates portions of feng shui should try to allow as much natural sunlight into the home as possible. Sunlight is known for bringing life and joy into a person's life. Since sunlight is such a huge component, it is important that there are many large windows through the home. Nature is also supposed to be clean and uncluttered, so it is important that each room is clean and uncluttered.