Got a Boat That You Have to Leave at the Dock? 2 Tips to Keep it in Good Condition

A boat constantly sitting in water will become damaged by the end of the summer. If you keep your boat at the dock because you have no place at home, you need to do some extra steps to ensure your boat is in great condition when the fall moves in. Below are two tips to help you get started.

Use a Boat Lift

One of the best things you can do to protect your boat is to use a boat lift. Boat lifts can be used to transport boats from one place to another but they can also be used to lift a boat up out of the water.

There are boat lifts made for specific types of boats, such as a bass boat or a pontoon boat. They also come in a variety of sizes so make sure the boat lift you choose is large enough.

There are many benefits of using a boat lift. One main benefit is preventing corrosion. Not only does sitting in water constantly cause corrosion, but thing like moss and algae can grow on the sides and bottom of the boat causing even more damage to the paint, as well as components, such as the engine blades, trolling motor, and more.

A boat lift can also protect your boat if there is a lot of wind or high waves that would knock your boat into nearby structures. With a boat lift, your boat will stay still if you have high wind speeds or waves.

Secure the Boat

If you choose not to use a boat lift, you need to make sure you properly secure your boat to the dock so it will not become unattached due to weather conditions, such as tides, currents, and wind. To do this, you need to purchase some gear, such as fittings, configuration, and boat lines that are sized for your boat. The boat line material is generally made of three stand nylon. This is because nylon stretches under load and it does not shrink. Nylon is also resistant to sun damage.

You also need to use a cleat hitch. This hitch lets the boat lines tighten when the boat is under strain. It also allows you to easily adjust the line, if needed. You do need to make sure you purchase the right cleat hitch and that you tie it correction.

If you need help using this equipment, contact a boat company in your area or ask someone at the dock and they should be able to help.

Keep an eye on your boat throughout the summer when it will sit for long periods, such as if you go on vacation. If you see damage the sooner you get it taken care of the better. To get started on the process, contact services like Abbotts' Construction Services Inc.