Purchased a New Building for Your Business? 2 Tips To Keep It Secure

If you have purchased a new building for your business, you need to make sure you take steps to secure it. This will reduce the chances of someone breaking in and damaging your property or stealing your things. Below is some more information about this so you can concentrate on running your business.

Install a Fence

Putting a fence around your property is a great way to secure it. A fence can keep out not only people but also animals. There are a variety of commercial fencing options you can choose from.

Wood fencing can improve the aesthetics of your business. Wood is beneficial because you can customize the installation of your fence, such as the size of the wood planks used. You will generally find wood fences made of pressure-treated pine or cedar boards. Treatments can also be added to the wood to make it more weather resistant.

Chain link fencing is another type you can choose. This kind of fence is commonly used for residential properties. The chain link fencing used for commercial properties is made differently, however, with heavier materials. This makes the fence more durable and will help it last longer for you. You can paint the fencing any color you want and can even choose fencing with vinyl-coated wires.

A welded steel fence is also an option. The steel components are non-galvanized and black in color. The components are welded together to create the sections and then primed and painted. The contractor will weld the sections of fencing together while they are erecting it at your business.

Talk with a fencing contractor about these fencing options. They can go over them with you and help you determine the fence that would work best for you.

Use Access Control

Access control can be used instead of a lock and key. This makes it much harder to get onto your property. To get in after hours, the person would have to know a code and enter this code onto a display. You could also give each employee a card that they would have to swipe to gain access to the building.

You can use access control at the main entrance of your building, or you can use it on any door inside your building. For example, you may have a room some employees should never enter, such as the computer room or accounting area. You may have a room with expensive equipment that could be stolen. You can program the access control to turn on and off at certain times.

Hire a security company to also place a camera at the entrance to your building for even more security. This allows you to see who is trying to get in without a card or the correct code.

These two options should help you feel more secure in your building.