How To Update Your Bathroom On A Budget

A complete remodel of your bathroom may not be in your budget, but that doesn't mean you can't update it to give it an entirely new look. If your bathroom walls, floor and tub/shower are all still in good shape, you should be able to update your bathroom without a complete overhaul. This can not only save you money, but time as well. See below for tips on how to update your bathroom on a budget.


Paint can go a long way in any home. Be sure before painting that you first fill in any holes in the walls from decor or from any wall hooks, shelves, mirrors or towel holders that you no longer want in that room. Fill in the holes using quick dry hole fill from your local hardware store. Use a putty knife or just your finger (for smaller holes), allow it to dry, then sand it smooth with the rest of your wall using a sanding block. Paint the ceiling, then the walls. Try to keep the paint color in a lighter shade, especially if it is a smaller room. Neutral colors can match with any type of decor and are more versatile.


Just as paint can go a long way on your walls, it can also go a long way on your cabinets as well. If you like the cabinet in the bathroom, don't invest more of your money in buying a new one, simply paint over the old one. You can choose any color you like, just be sure to clean the cabinet, sand it down, then use a primer to give the new paint something to cling to. Finally add the paint in any color you prefer. Top it off using a thin coating of polyurethane to help protect the surface.


Adding new hardware in your bathroom can change the look entirely. Change out the old brass faucet and replace it with something a little sleeker such as an oil rubbed bronze or brushed nickel faucet. Replacing the hardware on the cabinets can also change the look, as will taking out old plastic towel hooks and replacing them with something a little more up to date.


Upgrading your old boring mirror can also change the look of your bathroom. Whether you have an old medicine cabinet style mirror, or a basic builder's grade mirror, change the look by adding something a little more interesting. Use a shaped mirror instead such as a quatrefoil shaped mirror to add appeal, or take that builder's grade mirror and add some trim around the edges to make it look more built in.

Extra Elements

Add some extras to your bathroom such as a new fabric shower curtain, and some new plain white towels to give your bathroom a sleek look with a spa feel. Add some shelves using repurposed wood for a modern, rustic feel. You can also add a few decorative pieces such as reused glass jars filled with things like cotton balls and q-tips.

Updating your bathroom can be done on a budget, and be done by yourself; however, if your bathroom is in pretty bad shape such as a sinking floor, holes in the walls, water damaged walls/floor, outdated tub/shower, or a coat of paint just won't get the job done, a full bathroom remodel may be a better option. Contact a professional remodeling company like Albrecht & Son LLC for a quote.