Fix Up Ideas For The Old Country Cottage You’ve Inherited

If you have just inherited an old country cottage, then you might have lots of ideas about how to decorate it. Perhaps you've been looking at all sorts of online design magazines, getting ideas about country decor. However, before you spend lots of time painting the walls, and decorating it with antiques, or new furniture, it's important to make sure the house itself is in good condition. Otherwise, you will have a well decorated shell of a home that might fall apart around you one night while you and your family are asleep.

Replace Old Wood Frame Windows With New Vinyl Ones

Many an old country cottage have old wooden windows. These old wooden windows might seem charming at first glance, but once you've dealt with trying to open them and struggled with warped wood and a stuck latch, you will grow tired of the novelty. The old wooden windows are also probably not as energy efficient as new vinyl windows. So, it is a good idea to bring in a window company and have them remove the old wooden frame windows and install new vinyl windows with energy efficient glass, such as double hung windows.

Besides being easier to open, and being more energy efficient, which will save you money during the winter and summer (heating and air conditioning) the new vinyl windows are going to be much better in a rainstorm. Odds are that the cottages old wooden windows have swelled over time and there might be small cracks where the rain will get in.  When the new vinyl windows are installed all of that will be fixed.

Attend To Any Bad Roofing Problems

The roof is another area that you need to keep an eye on. You should bring in a roofer and have them climb up and inspect the shingles. You don't want to neglect fixing shingles because a rather small issue (such as replacing some bad shingles) can turn into an expensive re-roofing project involving tearing up rotted plywood sheeting.

Have The Boiler Checked

If the place has sat empty for a while, perhaps your relative used it only as a vacation home and they were sick in their final years, then the boiler needs to be checked. A faulty boiler is a disaster waiting to happen, not to mention a costly problem. If the boiler is not operating properly, it will cost you because it is energy inefficient. There are all other sorts of problems to deal with, such as a pilot light that won't stay on  and valves that are malfunctioning.

So, make sure your home is safe and energy efficient (to go along with the new energy efficient vinyl windows) and bring in a boiler expert to check things out. For more information, look at this site.