Three Simple Remodeling Projects That Can Enhance Your Commercial Space

Making the decision to invest in a commercial remodel can be challenging. Determining which types of remodeling projects will provide the best return on your investment can seem overwhelming. It's important to recognize that increasing your company's success doesn't require a major renovation.

Here are three simple remodeling projects that could have a major impact on your company's bottom line in the future.

1. Add more lighting to your commercial space.

Human beings are naturally drawn to well-lit areas. You can tap into this natural instinct to seek out well-lit areas to draw more customers into your commercial space.

Making the choice to have a lighting contractor install dramatic lighting fixtures within your office or retail space can be an affordable way to add drama and interest to your commercial building. The addition of new light fixtures is also relatively affordable, making this type of remodeling project a great one for companies trying to stick to a strict budget.

2. Change the wall colors in your commercial space.

More and more companies are starting to realize the dramatic impact color can have on customers and employees. Certain colors are linked with certain emotions, so you can use the wall space in your commercial building to help you create the right emotional atmosphere by applying a new coat of paint.

With the cost of a gallon of paint running between $20 and $100, adding a fresh coat of paint to your commercial space can be a very cost effective way to give your company's location a dramatic makeover.

3. Swap out dated fixtures.

If you want your commercial space to feel more modern, then getting rid of dated fixtures could be the answer. Heavy wood doors can be replaced with glass units to evoke a more modern vibe, and brass lighting fixtures can be swapped out for opulent crystal or sculptural fixtures that will leave customers and employers with a sense of luxury.

You can also choose to replace dated carpeting with durable vinyl tile or laminate wood flooring products to create a more modern space.

Finding ways to alter the look of your commercial space without breaking the bank doesn't have to be impossible. Remodeling projects like the addition of more lighting, the application of a new paint color, and the replacement of dated fixtures can be affordable and effective ways to increase the aesthetic and function of your commercial space.

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