Putting a Sump Pump in Your Crawlspace: What It Will Achieve

When crawlspaces are wet and messy and essentially become quite useless for storage, you may want to get them waterproofed and dried out. It is not just the crawlspace that gets water damage; the water damage can also leak into your home if you let it go unchecked. One option, installing a sump pump in the crawlspace, may seem like it would not do well or achieve much. Actually, as the following will show, a sump pump in a crawlspace can achieve a lot.

Water That Is Pulled Down and Pumped Away

As the contractor works to construct a fully waterproof crawlspace, he or she will dig a hole in the crawlspace for the sump pump. Usually for crawlspaces the best option is to place the sump pump dead center of the available space and grade the floor in the crawl space upward from the hole. If you also have the floor covered in concrete, then all the water that enters the crawl space will flow downward to the center and into the sump-pump hole. The sump pump then pumps the water out and through a pipe that dispenses the water several yards away from the foundation of your home.

Significantly Drier Crawl Space

Even if you choose not to coat the crawlspace floor in concrete, having the sump pump installed and the floors graded down toward it will make your crawlspace much drier. The dirt floor can be covered with plastic sheeting or a tarp if you want to store items in the crawlspace, and the sump pump would still work to remove whatever water falls into it. The actual hole of the sump pump would be coated in concrete, even if the floor of the crawlspace is not, as this will prevent the water from sinking into the earth rather than being pumped out of the space.

Help with Flooding

If you live in a flood plain or close to coastal waters, then you have probably seen a flooded crawlspace once or twice in your life. Since you would have to either wait for the water to recede or manually pump the water out yourself if flooding were to happen to your crawlspace, a lot of damage to your home can happen in that time. Having a working sump pump in the crawlspace means that less water will accumulate and get trapped there, preventing flood waters from rising and getting stuck. As the pump works to clear the water flowing into the crawlspace, it lowers the level of water there and prevents water damage from standing water that gets trapped in most crawlspaces.

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