Four Benefits Of Converting Your Porch Into A Sunroom

If you have a large porch you don't get a lot of use out of, you may want to consider converting it into a sunroom. Adding a sunroom to your home can give you many great benefits, and it can make your home feel a bit more cozy and inviting. Use this guide to help determine whether a porch-to-sunroom conversion is right for your home.

Additional Square Footage

By enclosing your porch and turning it into a sunroom, you can expand your home's available square footage. You can use the room in a number of ways, such as a space for hosting dinner parties or relaxing with the family. Consider the different ways you can use your sunroom before you convert it, as this will help you to determine what features you need to add during the construction process.

Attractive Look

Some porches may look old, worn, or simply out of place on your home. By converting the space into a sunroom, you can create a space that is more attractive for your home. Work with your contractor to ensure the exterior of the sunroom matches your home's design, and work with an interior decorator to make the room a beautiful addition to your living space. With the right finishing touches on the inside and outside, you can make a stunning room your family will be excited to use.

Increase In Home Value

As with many modifications to your home, adding a sunroom can add to the value of your home. If you think you may want to sell the house in the future, replacing a worn porch with a sunroom can make your home more attractive to potential buyers. Be sure to talk to a real estate agent before beginning your project to ensure the conversion is one that buyers in your area might be interested in, and consult with both the real estate agent and your contractor to make sure the cost of the conversion is in line with the increase in value you expect for your home. If the costs to build are lower than your home's potential new selling price, a sunroom addition may be the right choice for you.

All-Season Use

Unlike a porch, a sunroom can be used all year long. Converting your porch means you can get more use out of this area of your home, whether you use it for entertaining or a quiet retreat. If you live in a climate that experiences harsh weather conditions in the winter, be sure to talk to your contractor about adding a source of heat to the room so it can be used all year long.

A sunroom can be a great way to make use of your existing porch. Consider these benefits for converting your porch, and talk to a contractor at a company like Rollins Construction about making this project a reality for your home.