4 Smart Uses For Your Leftover Fill Dirt

If you've recently completed a project at home that required having a load of fill dirt delivered, you probably have a pile of it leftover that you are trying to figure out what to do with. If it's left to sit on your property for too long, there is a chance that it will become part of your landscape. Once weeds start growing on the dirt, it may not be easy to use anymore. So you are taking your chances by letting the dirt pile sit there until a good use comes along. Consider taking advantage of the following tips and tricks, and put that dirt to good use now:

Create a New Raised Garden

Use your fill dirt to build a new raised garden bed in the yard and plant some hardy herbs, such as basil and parsley, that you can use in the kitchen year-round. After building garden bed walls out of plywood or pallets, put fill dirt in the bottom half of each container to save money on soil.

You'll still need to add soil to the top portion of each container to ensure that your plants grow, as fill dirt has very little biological activity and organic matter, so it won't feed the garden. But the fill dirt makes a great base for the topsoil, which does feed the garden, and will help maximize drainage too. Once you have filled each container with the fill dirt and topsoil, just plant some starters or seeds of your choice and water the garden on a regular basis. You should have a flourishing garden within just a few weeks.

Make the Kids' Play Area Safer

If there is a particular area in the yard where your kids tend to run, play, and roughhouse, you can use your leftover fill dirt to soften the area and make it safer. Start by spreading a small pile around the area and then taking out any larger rocks or debris that you find as you go. Keep adding another layer of dirt until the area is well saturated and no large rocks are left behind. Fill dirt works great as a buffer under playground equipment as well.

Add Some Drama to Your Landscape

Creating dramatic hills and unusual mounds in your yard is a fun way to use your extra fill dirt up. Choose one or more places in the yard where you think a small hill or mounds covered in flowers would look nice. Then mold your hills and mounds with the fill dirt, add layers of topsoil, and plant grass seeds on them. Alternatively, you can create a customized miniature golf course with the fill dirt complete with tunnels, turns, and mini mountains.

Reinforce Your Driveway

You can also use your leftover fill dirt to reinforce the sides of your driveway and minimize water runoff into your yard. Build small berms along the edges of your driveway between the concrete or asphalt and the grass, and then use a shovel or rake to level the berms out, so they don't look conspicuous.

The tops of the berms should remain slightly raised above the height of the driveway to make sure that water runs down the driveway instead of onto your grass. This is important because water that comes into contact with your driveway's surface may become contaminated with oil and other chemicals that are harmful to grass, plants, and wildlife.

With the help of these smart ideas, it shouldn't be tough for you to get rid of all the extra fill dirt that's taking up space on your property. You may even be inspired to have another load delivered! If you're in need of extra fill dirt, contact a company like Southern Landscape Materials.