Stop, Sit, Stay: Building The Proper Gate To Stop Dogs From Getting To Your Yard

If both you and your neighbors have dogs, you may find that the dogs try to get into one backyard or the other in order to play. If you do not have pets and your neighbor does have a dog that is friendly, you may find that you have an unintentional pet adoption. If you would like to keep your yards separate so that pets are not moving back and forth, you may need to get a gate that is different than the usual picket fence. Here are some characteristics that you will need for your custom built backyard gate. 

Steel metal gate

A metal gate will work better than most wood gates or any variety of plastic made material gates. A steel gate will be nearly impossible for the dogs to move on their own, as the metal is less pliable to hands (or paws). If you are going to go with a steel gate, you must also determine how wide you want the bars from one another. Be sure to make the bars close together so that small dogs cannot squeeze through the gate into another yard. 

Tall, wide bars

If you or your neighbor have dogs that are tall and can clear certain heights when they jump, the last thing that you want is the dog jumping into your yard. Not only will this diminish the reasoning for the gate, it also means that the dog could get hurt trying to jump over the fence. To discourage even dogs with award winning agility skills from trying to clear the fence, make sure the fence is tall. This may mean getting a fence that is over five feet tall and largely obscures your view into the neighbors yard. The bars being wide will also make sure it is too difficult for dogs to climb the fence.

Stake the bottom into the ground

One of the top ways that dogs get to one another is not over a fence, or through a fence, but underneath the fence. If the dogs are able to dig a hole at the bottom of most residential gates, they can often slide underneath the gate for access. In order to combat this common issue, make sure that the legs of the steel gate go into the ground. This means that even if the dogs do attempt to tunnel under the gate, they will still be blocked by the feet of the gate bars. Though this will mean extra construction in the way of digging, it also means that the gate is a permanent solution to keeping animals safe where they belong. Contact a business, such as the Carter Fence Co, for more information.