5 Considerations To Help Decide Between A Dumpster Bag And A Roll Off Dumpster

When you have a renovation or maintenance project that you expect to produce a lot of waste, you will have to figure out the best way to get rid of your waste. Your two main options include purchasing a dumpster bag or renting a roll-off dumpster. A dumpster bag is a heavy-duty bag that is either single use or reusable that you set up at home and call your local waste removal company to dispose of once it is full. A roll-off dumpster is a large metal container that is delivered to your home at the start of your project and picked up at the end of the project. A dumpster bag is cheaper than a dumpster, costing around $30 to purchase and between $129-$179 to remove, whereas a dumpster costs around $421 to rent. Both have their benefits, and below are five considerations to help you choose between the two. 

How Much Waste Will You Have?

The main difference between dumpster bags and actual dumpsters is that even the smallest dumpster available will usually hold more waste than the largest dumpster bag available. If you will have a large amount of waste, an actual dumpster may be a better idea. However, for a small project such as cleaning out your garage or attic, then a dumpster bag may be sufficient for your needs. 

How Dense Will Your Waste Be? 

Because dumpster bags are woven, they cannot hold as much weight as a metal container. If you have particular dense waste, such as concrete, bricks, or tiles, then you will likely want to opt for a dumpster as opposed to a dumpster bag. A dumpster bag can handle light material such as plastics and wood. A dumpster bag would also be sufficiently strong to hold small amounts of drywall waste. 

How Easy Is It To Get a Dumpster Where You Live?

Dumpsters often require permits if they are left on your street, and your HOA may have rules about having them in your driveway. This may mean that you will have to have the dumpster dropped off in your back yard. However, if you do not have a large enough gate or are worried about damage to your lawn, a dumpster bag may be an easier option for your property. 

You should keep in mind that many dumpster rental companies will secure the proper permits for you if they are necessary, so it is important to ask about that before you assume that a dumpster bag is the best option for your project. 

How Open Is Your Work Space?

Dumpster bags can be squished to fit into small areas. This can be good if you are cleaning out a shed that is close to a fence or another area where a dumpster cannot be placed. However, it is important to keep in mind that once your bag is full, you will have to move it to the curb so it can be removed. This can be difficult if your dumpster bag has heavy items in it. 

How Long Will Your Project Take? 

Dumpsters are rented for a specific time period, usually a week or a month. If your project does not have a concrete start and end date, you may be better off with a dumpster bag. This way, you will not feel pressured to finish your project in order to meet your rental deadline. Additionally, you can arrange multiple pickups of your dumpster bag throughout the project, whenever the dumpster bag becomes full. 

Deciding between a dumpster bag and an actual dumpster depends on your type of project. Answering the above questions will help you decide which is a better choice for you.