5 Types Of Home Fire Safety Equipment That Will Save Your Family

Home fire safety equipment can mean the difference of life and death for your family. Having smoke alarms is helpful, but it's not always enough. Equipment to extinguish small fires, allow your family to breathe in heavy smoke, and escape your home more easily can save all your lives. Here is some information about equipment that can keep your family safe in the event of a fire.

Escape ladder

If you have at least a second story on your home, having an escape ladder can save your lives. If you are asleep upstairs and the fire starts downstairs, there is a chance that you won't be able to make it down to the front door. An escape ladder will allow your family to go out a bedroom window safely without worrying about trying to crawl through heavy smoke or fire. You can buy a built in escape ladder. This will hook onto your window sill permanently. The ladder bunches up at the top and drops quickly by pulling a simple latch or cord.

If you have teenagers, you may be worried about them using the ladder to sneak out and in during the night. You can buy a ladder that hooks onto a window temporarily. You can keep it in your bedroom and bring it to their room in the event of a fire and hook it onto the window. You can buy 2-story or 3-story escape ladders.

Oxygen mask

You can buy inexpensive oxygen masks that give you 60 minutes of oxygen once you put it them on. Buy an escape mask for everyone in your home and keep it in each person's bedroom. If you have a 2-story home, you may want to keep a couple extra downstairs for extra caution. Up to 80% of fire-related deaths are caused by smoke inhalation. Fire isn't your only concern. You can't get out of your home if you can't breathe the oxygen you need to move your body properly. Oxygen masks can save your entire family.

Fire-resistant hood

Fire resistant hoods go over your head, leaving just a small cutout for your face so you can see and breathe. Before you stick on your oxygen mask, put on a fire-resistant hood. The hood will protect your head my keeping your hair under the fire-resistant material. Hair singes easily and without it, you have a chance of burning off your hair and subjecting your head to serious burns.

Sprinkler system

Commercial buildings are the most common place to have a sprinkler system, but your residential home can have one installed as well. A sprinkler system will minimize damage to your home in the event of a fire. Sprinklers are installed into your ceiling. They turn on automatically when they detect flames. Your electronics and furniture may not survive the soaking, but homes with a sprinkler system have an average of 70% less property loss than those without one. The risk of death is reduced by a whopping 80%.

Fire blanket

A fire blanket is another simple piece of equipment that can save a life. If someone is on fire, they're told to stop, drop, and roll. While rolling is better than standing around in flames, it is still difficult to put the fire out. The quickest way to help someone whose clothes are on fire is to wrap him or her in a fire blanket. Fire blankets are usually wool blankets that are treated with flame retardant. Wrapping it around a person who is on fire will put the fire out and save the person's life.

Fire blankets are also useful for small kitchen fires. If your stove or other appliances catch on fire, you can grab your fire blanket and lay it on the appliance. Your fire will go out, potentially saving your entire house from going up in flames.

Most people don't have anything more than smoke detectors and a small fire extinguisher. Going above and beyond is important because it can save your family in the event of a fire. Sprinkler systems, oxygen masks, escape ladders, and other fire safety equipment will make your family more likely to escape a house fire. Another great option to consider is investing in fire alarm monitoring, which means the authorities will be alerted anytime a fire is detected in your home.